Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of body-work. It is at the leading edge of body/mind/spirit integration.
— Candace B. Pert, Ph.D. Neuroscientist, Pharmacologist, Author of "The Molecules of Emotion"

I hardly ever get migraines now.
— Nicky P
The best part is the lack of manipulations to the joints.
— Charles T
My spine is the most flexible ever.”
— Anne R
I am feeling less stress and have less anxiety attacks.
— James H
I can relax on the bench and feel my stresses disappearing.
— Beatrice S
It’s made my families lives better as I can now join in the walks and cycling.
— Chris H
I was experiencing constant pain caused by degenerative disc disease. I don’t have back pain at all now.
— Dan P
I am happier, more complete that I’ve ever been. I can recommend this work highly enough.
— Margaret F
You don’t have to have a bad back for this kind of treatment, just a desire to feel better and move forwards.”
— Sue F
Over 20 years I have tried many different treatments for my pain. NSA is the only one that has worked.
— Jane W
I came in with a bad back and migraine.  Now leave with a calm, happy, peaceful pain free body.
— Lee S
It reduces pain and gives me a reason to live, my life is brighter and more meaningful. Relationships with family, friends and work colleagues have improved. My stress levels have reduced and I’m much happier.
— Helen C

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