Have a lot of questions? Wonderful!


We love you asking questions. Coming to our next Introductory Workshop will be giving you lots of answers, context, explanations and a chance to ask even more questions. There will also be a live demonstration helping you see just how gentle our treatments are.

We find that people who want more energy, want to handle stress better and have a greater quality of life do really well with us once they have seen and felt how NSA and Olaf work.

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Step 1: Tell about YOU

During your first visit we will get to know you. What you would like to achieve, how you’d like to feel, what’s important to you, really. This helps us to meet your individual needs best. We’ll also take a thorough history, examine you with a full chiropractic assessment, and medical, neurological or orthopaedic tests as necessary, digital postural assessment, surface EMG and heart rate variability assessment to see how you are adapting to daily stresses in your nervous system and body. It may include a short Network adjustment to evaluate how your body processes and releases tension.

We aim to uncover why your body may not be healing, keeping you on a limited health track.

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Step 2: A detailed and personalised report

Having considered your exam results and your goals carefully, we will make recommendations tailored to your individual needs. You will see how your test results mirror how you have been feeling and how you may now move forward with our help.

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Step 3: Start

You will then be offered your first Network adjustment/treatment straight away.

We work with you to help your spine and nervous system connect and upgrade its ability to heal.

The vast majority of people report they feel less pain, calmer, have more energy and sleep better from the first visit onwards. You too can thrive again!

Phone now on 0161 928 0300 for a free, short telephone consultation with our chiropractor.

Alternatively, email us on info@naturallyempoweredhale.co.uk.