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Our approach, Network Care, is designed to re-ignite your body’s ability to heal itself, to feel vitalized and full of energy. Allowing you to live with less pain or illness, more energy, passion and vitality. Help your body to work the best it can.

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You may have back or neck pain, a chronic health challenge, or generally feel let down by your body? You probably feel like you’ve tried everything but are still not making the progress you want? You know your body can work better, you just lack the resources to make it happen.

However old or young you are, whatever ailment you suffer from, we work with you to harness your personal resources to improve the experience you are having in your body and how you feel overall. Our oldest client to date was in her 90’s and are youngest only three days old.

Our Approach

We go far beyond mere pain in back and neck. Essentially, at Naturally Empowered Chiropractic we empower your body to free itself, release tension, to discover your own inner resources, to revitalize, to become stronger and more resilient than before, allowing you to heal and grow and awaken to your true potential.

  • Uniquely light touch – kids, the elderly, and stressed prefer it

  • Safe and effective – no ‘crunching’, ‘clicking’, for babies and frail alike

  • Works in support of your body’s healing ability – upgrades how effective your body works, making you feel great

  • Many benefits – often come in for pain and leave with more energy, greater calm, deeper sleep as well as the pain resolved

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Our Specialities



Suffering due to pain can be tough. It can be tiring, worrying, debilitating, life changing or simply frustrating. We have helped people to heal from painful conditions of many kinds.


Have you been to told ‘there is nothing you can do about it’? That’s not what we see. Getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming less active. Add more life to your years.

Low Energy & Chronic Illness

Just because you have a "condition" doesn't mean you can't feel better in your body and in yourself. Add more energy and internal resourcefulness.


Anxiety & Stress

Modern life can be overwhelming. For some this shows up as anxiety, worry or overwhelm. Others show it as physical symptoms. We will help you how you grow your ability to deal with life’s stresses.


During pregnancy, many women have to cope with a whole host of new symptoms. These include back pain, fatigue, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), carpal tunnel syndrome, fluid retention, mood swings.

Babies & Children

As parents, it is natural to want your child to fulfil their full potential and be everything they can possibly be. It’s their future, after all. So, set the best course for their life by getting them checked with chiropractic care.



You are never too young or too old to play sport – and it's never too early to start caring for your body if you are physically active.


Are you feeling good and want to feel great? Have you now recovered from a health challenge and want to stay that way?

Our Clients Say …

I was experiencing constant pain caused by degenerative disc disease. I don’t have back pain at all now.
— Dan P
You don’t have to have a bad back for this kind of treatment, just a desire to feel better and move forwards.”
— Sue F
Over 20 years I have tried many different treatments for my pain. NSA is the only one that has worked.
— Jane W

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