Isn't it amazing how a child is so dependent on others when they are born, and go on to develop at the most astonishing pace?

Our youngest baby we have taken care of was three days old! The entire office stopped and looked in amazement.

As parents, it is natural to want your child to fulfil their full potential and be everything they can possibly be. To do this, their brain and nervous system need to develop optimally.

Our brain and nervous system control and co-ordinate the function of all cells, organs and systems in our body.

The development of the brain and spinal cord starts three weeks after conception, and, at five weeks, they begin to respond to the environment.

We recommend that all children should be regularly checked to ensure their nervous system is working optimally and their spine is not developing restrictions that may impact them later in life.


Children fall, tumble, bump into things! They also carry heavy school bags these days. We make sure your child remains aligned, free from any imbalances and help them grow strong.

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