We give workshops on a range of health topics at our chiropractic office. We also speak in the local community, at clubs, associations & businesses.


We have two groups of talks/workshops:

1. Informational

2. Hands-on transformative


1. Informational

Our Introductory Workshop

Want to find out why you may be stuck with a health challenge? Wonder what determines your health limits and how much energy you have, how you feel day to day?

Come and find out. Bring a friend or loved one and make a difference to how they feel. No obligation to take it further. There will also be a live demonstration helping you see just how gentle our treatments are.


2. Hands-on transformative

Tools to Energize your Body and Mind (SRI)

· Calm yourself to get a good night’s sleep.

· Find ease in your body and amplify it

· Focus at work or at a sports performance and excel.

· Energize your body to a better, more fulfilled you.

· Discover new resources that you never knew you had.

· Claim your personal power.

· Experience of love, grace, peace, belonging, purpose, gratitude and community into your body

We regularly hold workshops to empower you to look after your body and mind much more effectively. We show you a range of tools that are powerful yet easy to learn and can be applied anywhere you are, any time. We hold several levels of progression of these workshops.

I truly believe in living in an embodied way. If you are in the group of people who are searching for a deeper experience in life, through lifestyle choices and/or spiritual practice, these exercises can provide a bridge, a way in to deepen existing practices and enhance our capacity for authenticity in the world.

Workshop Dates

Phone now on 0161 928 0300 for a free, short telephone consultation with our chiropractor.

Alternatively, email us on info@naturallyempoweredhale.co.uk.