The initial consultation and examination includes everything we need to do to help us identify what is causing your pain.

We are always happy to speak with you on the phone or in person to find out how we may help you. This is completely free and provides you with chance to get to know us. And there is no obligation to take it further.

Once you feel ready to make a start, we’ll make an appointment for the first visit for your examination. During your second visit we’ll be explaining how we may help you, suggest a frequency of care and an initial duration. Everybody is different and will be given an individually tailored plan. At that stage, we will also tell you fully and clearly what the cost of the treatment will be.

If you require a number of treatments, we offer a range of payment plans which can help reduce your overall treatment expense and cost per visit.

Phone now on 0161 928 0300 for a free, short telephone consultation with our chiropractor.

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